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About myself Christa Graves Life Transformation Coach and Teacher, works in her own clinic in Wegberg, Germany near the Dutch border. Her client’s base is international. Christa´s personal clients are as far as Canada, Italy, Austria, United Kingdom, the USA and naturally from Germany. She has lived 25 years in the United Kingdom where she was introduced to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. After a successful career in sales she decided to take on a completely new direction and studied Nutritional Therapy, Homotoxicology, Reiki und Magnified Healing till she learned of EFT. Once she applied EFT to her own circumstances she was hooked and decided to concentrate on this method alone. Family matters brought Christa back to Germany where she now resides. Christa says that from all the things she has studied nothing has impressed her as much as EFT. Christa has had several Television appearances; she is author, publisher as well as having released her own series of self help albums in English and German.
My recordings are for anyone who does not want to spend much time learning a technique and who likes to get their fast. By simply following the instructions within you can change your life easily and almost efffortlessly - one tapping round at a time
My books are for anyone who needs to have more information before applying it to their own circumstances.
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Christa Graves

DN Med., Dip Iridol, EFT-CC, EFT-ADV, Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Reiki Master accredited Life Transformation Coach and Teacher